All Occasion

Looking for something for the hard to buy for? We have just the gift item. Everything from a birdhouse to a whirligig to a spinner and everything in between.

Did you know that spinners chase away moles and gophers? Just put one near their hole and the vibration makes them high tail it away.  We have whirligigs for all ages, including a ladybug that carries a 'Louis Vuitton' purse and a bee that is dressed in 'Oscar Bug la Renta'.  There are spinners that have cats chasing birds and dogs dreaming of bones.  Birds will flock to our birdhouses and birdfeeders that look like everything from flamingos to crows to chickens.  There are traditional ones too though.  Flowers that spin round and round in the wind. Dogs and cats will enjoy our food and water dishes. Dolls will have fun in their own swings, chairs and benches.  Beautiful butterflies will adorn the side of your house. There is something for EVERYONE.